SJR Digital


In 2012 we started with a new venture, as more and more clients expressed their needs for branding and promotional items to be provided by one supplier, hence the establishment of SJR Digital. We do branding of Corporate Clothing, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Promotional Clothing and Headwear. Since its inception SJR Digital made a huge impact with the quality of the products produced thus far.


The Digital Printing Section gives our clients the ability to bring their ideas to life with the fullest possible range of colours and sizes so that they are not forced to compromise either on availability of print quality or type of material to be printed .We pride ourselves that there is always a solution we can find to accommodate the client’s needs as exactly as possible even if it is outside of the conventional printing available at the time.

We constantly upgrade our equipment to take advantage of the latest cutting edge techniques available so our clients can rely on our ability to produce work of the highest standard at an effective cost.

Our Design Team can transform the idea into reality as well as producing reliably repeatable results which the client can transform when necessary without the necessity of engaging yet further costs as their needs evolve to meet the ever changing marketplace.

Growth needs constant innovation and sustained vigilance to be effective...